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    Do you know who the talents in your Company are? Do you motivate them to be a member of your team in the future? Do you have a well-designed program for their development and career progression through your Company? Key Solutions offers you talent management solutions in your company!

    The importance of attracting and retaining talent for each organization is similar to the importance and need of football clubs to have the best players. The talents are the ones who contribute the most to development and goals achievement, and they create additional value for the Company. Simply put, they have a huge impact on the organization’s business. The role of talents in organizations is even more important when one considers the Pareto rule (80-20), which in this case means that approximately 20 percent of staff is responsible for nearly 80 percent of the work done and the results achieved, and unfortunately, vice versa. Talent management in the company begins with human resource planning, and ends with rewarding employees for their developed skills.

    The process itself goes through the following stages:

    • Attracting the best and most talented employees to your Company – Employer Branding
    • How to “recognize Talents” in your company
    • Defining how to develop Talent potential to the maximum
    • Aligning Talent’s Potential with the Company’s Goals and creating a corporate culture in which every employee feels his performance constantly affects company’s goals
    • Talent Motivation

    Key Solutions offers you solutions for managing the whole process, as well as project engagement of our consultants by stages. This is a continuous process and the improvement of your business results after establishing and implementing a Talent Management strategy in your Company is guaranteed.

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