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    The 360 ​​° Questionnaire for Assessing Leadership and Managerial Characteristics provides an opportunity to identify the strengths of leaders and managers and use their full potential, as well as to detect and fill additional space for development and improvement.

    The assessment of the respondents takes place at three levels: at the level of subordinates, superiors, as well as at the same organizational level.

    The service is intended for all leaders and managers who aim to improve their skills based on the feedback of their employees, in order to have a better working atmosphere and better performance, and thus contribute to the company.

    The assessment we offer is especially useful for:

    • Encouraging the development of quality leadership
    • Individual development of managers and CEOs
    • Identifying areas for developing new skills
    • Promoting a healthy organizational culture
    • Encouraging organizational efficiency

    By measuring efficiency by the manager, as well as his superiors and subordinates, the 360 ​​° estimate accurately shows the current performance in the areas of managerial skills. Such overall feedback (360 ° principle) allows the identification of strengths and strengths, as well as specific development needs for targeted development.

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