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    For what service(s) you contact us

    Executive Search is a service orientated towards finding professionals for our clients’ needs through direct access, advertising and review of the candidate database.

    During the selection process, we use our own database and personal contacts, but we also collect information from additional sources that direct us to potential candidates. Our database contains a large number of quality managers from different industries, dominated by banking experts.

    Before presenting the candidate to the client, we conduct a thorough competency-based interview. We strive to provide the client with as much information as possible that could influence his or her choice.

    When a client selects a particular candidate, our consultants begin by checking the references thoroughly.

    When an offer is made to the selected candidate, our consultants are available to cooperate in possible additional negotiations. Candidates who are not selected are notified as soon as possible of the client’s decision, and their CV is stored in our database for future job advertisements.

    In accordance with the client’s requirements, we can also place an advertisement in selected media.

    In that case, we use a combination of advertisement responses and direct search. Search through advertisement publishing consists of 3 phases:

    1. Research and specification; We collect as much information about the client as possible, on which we define the key specifications for the required position.
    2. Advertisement development and publishing: In collaboration with the client, we develop the advertisement content and design. On client’s request, we publish the advertisement on our behalf and do not disclose the client’s company name.
    3. After reviewing the applications, we initiate our usual direct search. We conduct interviews with candidates who meet the client’s requirements.

    After a thorough reference check, we make a report for each individual. We then provide the client with the shortest selection of highly qualified candidates. As for the deadlines, it takes 4-5 weeks from signing the contract to presenting the shortlist of 3-5 candidates.

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