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    For what service(s) you contact us

    We have offered a revolutionary approach on our market, where we are your OUTSOURCE HR Partner. Recently, we have taken the leading position on the Serbian market.

    Through this service model, we collaborate with companies of all sizes, from small to medium-sized enterprises, to large and multinational companies.

    Our wide range of services is focused on creating the full functionality of human resources in your business, regardless of its scale. We are your strategic partner and customized support system for your company’s unique needs.

    On an annual basis, we set a strategy for work in human resource management and organizational development in your company. Also, we define an action plan for the implementation and management of the HR Process.

    The subject of our activities for our clients:

    • We form and monitor all activities that fall within the domain of good practice in the field of human resources and organizational development
    • We provide training for your employees to carry out all the agreed activities
    • We provide advice in the field of employment relations, take over the execution of the selection process, training planning, implementation of the Performance & Talent Management process, as well as consulting management in the management of employees in the Company
    • We work together with you on your organizational development and organization of work in the company, as well as on the implementation and creation of business procedures and rules

    The beginning of our cooperation would look like this:

    • We present to you all activities that fall within the field of human resources management, organizational development and strategic planning, and we introduce you to the opportunities, practices and the importance of these activities for your Company’s business.
    • Following your decision to start cooperation with us, we conduct an informative interview with the aim of learning about your company and reviewing the current state of the company in terms of Human Resources, Organization and Strategic Planning and existing documentation.
    • Together, we look at your individual needs and priorities, and we give you an insight into steps you can undertake and suggestions for action
    • Based on the defined guidelines, we make an annually-based HR Strategy
    • We elaborate the established Strategy and define specific work plans for each month
    • We carry out all planned activities and submit to you a monthly report on the results of our work.
    • The price of the service is fixed in a lump sum on a monthly basis and will be expressed in RSD equivalent on payment date.
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