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    An important step in achieving the set goals of the Company is establishing HR function, which is one of the most important business functions in the Company. The need to introduce an HR function usually arises when the company reaches the level of 50+ employees, and when it is necessary to consolidate all HR processes in one place.

    We also have this service, which includes the following steps:

    • Defining HR strategy in accordance with the overall goals of the company
    • Establishing HR processes
    • Introducing and selecting an HR professional

    Defining an HR strategy also means defining an annual HR plan and goals, which should be an integral part of the Company’s business plan for that year and within which all the HR processes that will be implemented, as well as the budget, must be defined.

    Establishing an HR process is the situation when the implementation of processes under the HR Sector’s domain of responsibility begins, defining the procedural frameworks for the same, as well as persons in the organization (HR professional), who will be responsible for the implementation and results of those processes. Basic HR processes are: recruitment and selection, labor relations regulation and administration, employees training and development, employees performance assessment and evaluation, motivation and reward systems, etc.)

    Introducing and selecting an HR professional is the final step in introducing an HR function in the Company. It is the process of selecting the appropriate candidate for that position. In accordance with the size of the organization and the number of employees, we propose to our clients appropriate HR solutions with professional experience in this field from our database, or we make an advertisement for that position.

    We also offer IN HOUSE service, that is, the possibility to perform HR services on a monthly basis for our client and issue reports based on their results! The IN House service price is set at a lump sum on a monthly basis and is significantly more favorable for small and medium-sized businesses, rather than hiring a person who will be an HR specialist (you can find more information about this offer in the IN HOUSE Consulting section).

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