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    Researching employee attitudes is essential for the company’s management team since employee satisfaction and attitude towards the workplace directly reflect the work atmosphere and their engagement and efficiency. It is important to determine the extent to which the attitudes and values ​​of employed individuals are complementary to the organizational value system. If employees do not behave in accordance with their attitudes and values, or if they do not match the value system advocated by the company in which they work, there is dissatisfaction and reduced performance. The service we offer aims to better understand the needs of employees, which leads to avoiding negative consequences for the company and improving job satisfaction and the quality of work of all employees.

    Researching employee attitudes and satisfaction can help you understand your employee’s expectations and the extent to which they have been met, their affective attitude toward work, taking into account the favorable and unfavorable aspects of work, and the network of social relationships within the organization. Satisfaction with the functioning of the organization is a prerequisite for better engagement of employees and the use of their full potential.

    The evaluation is conducted through a questionnaire that reliably measures the satisfaction, experience, commitment and attitudes of employees in the company.

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