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    For all of our Clients, we have created a new service that will make the business of the business unforeseen in case they become the same customers.

    It is an HR PROFESSIONAL PROGRAM for improving the knowledge and skills of employees who deal with (or should be) engaged in, HR Processes in the company.

    We all know that the HR function is one of the most important business functions in the system, but are the employees trained enough to be able to produce top results for your companies while dealing with it?

    According to market research conducted by Key Solutions consulting, there is no significant number of quality HR Professionals in Serbia who have the relevant knowledge and experience to upgrade the Systems in which they are employed.

    For all of them, we created the HR PROFESSIONAL PROGRAM, a mentoring program that enables HR professionals to be continuously educated by Key Solutions consultants through 1/1 sessions (or 2-3 employees) who have acquired their knowledge managing HR Functions at major companies such as Coca-Cola HBC, Banca Intesa, Knjaz Milos, MPC Holding, Delta Holding, Carlsberg, Mercator, Idea, Credit Agricole, Hemofarm Stada.

    This program is intended for all 3 HR levels in the Company (as well as employees who are complete beginners, and are designated by the Management Company as someone who wants to build HR Professionals):

    1. Junior HR (9 month program, 54h coaching & mentoring sessions)
    2. HR Specialists and HR Generalists (6 month program, 36h coaching & mentoring session)
    3. HR Managers (3 months, 18h coaching & mentoring sessions)

    The topics covered during the program are:

    • Impact on the organization
    • Selection and recruitment
    • Implementing Performance Management
    • Talent Management
    • Internal communications
    • Conflict management in teams
    • HR Budgeting
    • Employee education and development strategy
    • Employer branding
    • Organizational structure and culture

    The mentoring program is specifically designed to bring to the next level in their careers through the transfer of knowledge, experience and methodology from Key Solutions consultants, HR employees (as well as beginners who want to build careers through the HR field). Contact us for more info at

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