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    Company’s Organizational Model Analysis is a service we provide to our clients to look at the specificities and diagnose the state in their organization, in order to implement the most effective set of measures for improving it. This service is primarily intended for small and medium-sized enterprises, but users can also be large systems, whose business result, due to accelerated business development, goes beyond the existing organization.

    In enterprise development, each organization has its own specific culture. By organizational culture, we mean a system of values, unwritten norms, attitudes and assumptions that determine how members of an organization behave and treat each other and how they approach doing their jobs. Unless one is not consciously developing the culture, informal and often unwanted behaviors arise in the organization. Therefore, one of the most important roles of the management of the organization is precisely conscious and continuous work to create the desired culture that would maximize the effectiveness of the organization.

    The first step is to analyze the current organization through:

    • Testing employee satisfaction with certain motivational factors. Most commonly, the questionnaire examines satisfaction with work organization, management, interpersonal relationships, physical working conditions, training opportunities and other factors chosen by the client company.
    • Management evaluation – psychological profile assessment, professional competencies and managers’ potential, as well as acquainting with their business achievements, that is, achieving the expected results
    • The existing organizational scheme analysis and job classification analysis

    Organization Analysis Goals are:

    • Employee satisfaction with certain motivational factors analysis
    • Gap between the current and desirable state identification
    • Proposal for corrective measures
    • Potential employee turnover assessment
    • Corporate culture and business procedures improvement, as well as job classification

    This service includes the implementation of a set of corrective measures by our consulting company, with the aim of improving the existing organization. After the analysis, we are ready to upgrade your organizational model with appropriate business procedures and job classification, and enhance the corporate culture in your company.

    The goals of introducing a new organization are:

    • Increasing the productivity of all organizational parts (sectors) of the Company
    • Faster business information flow
    • Workforce optimization and rationalization, as well as defining deficient jobs in the Company
    • Creating a new organizational scheme
    • Defining procedures for all business processes in the system
    • Introducing job classification with well-defined competencies and detailed job description for each job in the Company
    • Introducing rules of procedure or aligning existing ones with the new organizational model

    New organization introduction is a continuous project and requires constant cooperation and support from top management (client) with our consulting company. We are committed to being available to our clients after new organizational model implementation is completed.

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