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    Team effectiveness assessment is a structural approach for gathering relevant information about employees’ engagement and functioning as a team.

    Achieving a successful combination of team roles and a common functional culture is key to creating a productive team and satisfied workers.

    Assessment of teams in a reliable way provides insight into the competencies of candidates when selecting for a particular position within the organization, and also provides information about their strengths and weaknesses and allows comparison of candidates.

    The goal is to obtain information about the capacities, potentials and limitations of team employees, in order to more accurately predict their team success, as well as to successfully profile the roles of team members and improve mutual interaction. Teamwork that leads to high performance is a key differential characteristic of successful organizations, and the services that we offer are guaranteed to result in improved teamwork and level of achievement, better performance and greater team efficiency.

    Team assessment is based on certain evaluation criteria, methods and systems. It combines different tasks and questions that correspond to the competencies needed to succeed in performing a job role in a particular position. The results of the evaluation serve the purpose of adequate team organization with the aim of forming successful, strongly connected and coordinated teams. The practical value of the assessment is reflected in increasing the organization’s ability to become more successful in its business.

    The service is intended for companies where there is a dilemma about the success of formed teams, with the aim of improving team performance and optimizing the organizational structure.

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