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    Đorđe is a graduate in Law, with years of corporate experience in major systems such as Delta Sport, Verano Group, Roaming Electronics, Lilly Drogerie.

    He is specialized in the field of Labor Law, as well as the following processes:

    • Preparation and implementation of programs for reducing the number of employees due to business disruptions
    • Analysis of existing labor legal documentation and compliance with amendments to the Labor Law
    • Drafting of general legal acts in the field of labor relations – Rules of Procedure and Rules on Systematization and Organization of Jobs
    • Solving the problem of concluding and terminating employment contracts, mobbing, payment of wages and other benefits, as well as consultations on all other rights during the employment relationship, with special reference to current laws regarding social, health, pension and disability insurance.
    • Analysis of work and representativeness of trade union organizations in public companies, as well as harmonization of the general acts of the Employer with the collective agreement
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